We Welcome You!!
Hopefully we can answer some questions you may have.

If this is your first time visiting Vibrant Church online or in person, we want to first of all say thank you for joining us!! You may have some questions about what your experience is going to be like and we would like to answer some of those general questions for you.

What is it like?

Typically our services include worship, preaching, prayer and ministry.

What about my kids?

After our time of worship, all kids between the ages of 0-10 gather in classrooms for teaching.

Where do I park?

In our little store front campus, parking is always available. If you have any issues, there should be somebody close by to answer your questions and help direct you.

What do I wear?

We have a very casual atmosphere. It's our goal to remind people to come as they are and be comfortable.

How can I get connected?

Connecting should not be an issue. Vibrant is a very friendly and warm atmosphere. Be sure to fill out a connection card, either online or in service. 

How Do I Get Connected?
I want to fill out connection card
Do You Want To See Past Online Services?
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